ASTC Venue Renovation Challenge 2023

The winner of the Edgar L. Lustig Award of $2,500 was presented by ASTC President Heather McAvoy to the Sullivant Outdoor Venue Renovation by a team from The Ohio State University.  Lustig was a Founding member, its first Fellow, and the organization’s long-time Secretary and CFO.  The OSU project converted an underutilized pedestrian courtyard area between two existing buildings into a performance space while creating opportunities for art displays and study areas when performances are not occurring.  Besides a new outdoor stage, it upgraded a small indoor stage and provided performer support spaces.  The creative landscape design integrated the performance uses into the overall courtyard area.  The team consisted of theatre, architecture, and industrial design students.

Team members: Allison Summers, Daqi Bao, Erin Shaw, Jessica Hightower, Yun Yen
Faculty Advisor: Brad Steinmetz
ASTC Mentor: Patrick Barrett

Mission Statement:

Squirrel Theatre will function as a co-op space for the arts students of The Ohio State University. Without the ownership of a specific department, this venue encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and provides a home for it to flourish. An outdoor venue will benefit all of the arts on campus. Students passing by can stop to view performances, which may encourage them to seek out work being produced within any of our departments. The visibility and foot traffic around Squirrel Theatre allows students to exhibit their work and make new connections
in ways that are not available in traditional indoor spaces. Our Theatre seating area will also serve as a study spot for students when performances are not occurring, making this venue more than just a performance space. Squirrel Theatre will become a new campus landmark.

Existing Conditions:



Floor Plan:


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