Spring. 2019. Projection Mapping

In this project, we need to first choose one character and one object, then project the character on the surface of the object. The objects I choose are butterflies and a white T-shirt.  A t-shirt could present the personality of the person who wears it, but what kind of personality a white t-shirt represents. So, I was thinking about how could pattern (the butterflies) make the t-shirt more interesting.

In my project, I was trying to find the relationship between butterflies and t-shirt, or why the butterflies would be attracted by the t-shirt and how the t-shirt would respond to the butterflies? I thought about the perfume, the good smell always attracts the butterflies. So, I decided to add the perfume on the t-shirt, then butterflies fly toward the t-shirt, this would let this project more make sense. I also found a heartbeat sound which will be used when the butterflies stopped on the t-shirt, the heartbeat is the sound from a human being, so it makes sense if the t-shirt could make this sound (as if someone is wearing it). The name of my project will be called “flipped”, since the two objects were attracted by each other.

The butterfly I choose is morpho butterfly, I was amazed by its splendid blue color. The interesting thing I found online is the blue colors are not a result of pigmentation but rather are an example or iridescence.  (an optical phenomenon characterized as the property of surfaces in which hue changes according to the angle from which the surface is viewed.)


Animation Test


Title – “Flipped”

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