M.ARCH. school gym project

BRIEF: In honor of its most famous alumnus, the Ohio State University has named the football stadium, the stadium plaza, and a number of ancillary recreation facilities after him. Our project is to redesign and replace one of the Jesse Owens Recreation Facilities with a new building, one more worthy of its namesake. The new building will be around 60,000 SF and replace the old facility of 28,000 SF. The Ohio State University has made it a priority to create a stronger presence and a more urbane edge along its northern boundary on Lane Avenue. The redevelopment of the North Campus Dormitory cluster was a first step in that direction, as was the construction of the new Student Resources Center. The old Jesse Owens North Recreation Center makes an indifferent address to its prominent location. Hence, the decision was taken to replace the glulam shed of the old Recreation Center with a new building. Unlike the previous facilities, which were organized on one level, the University has expressed a desire for a multi-­‐story building, which can better define the street edge while maximizing land usage efficiencies.







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